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The story of Brighton Carpet Cleaning...

Brighton Carpet Cleaning started in early 2004 after a change of job and lifestyle was in desperate need. I found myself overworked, underpaid like most people, tired of the same mind-numbing commute from Hove to London five days a week and the same god awful tuna fish sandwich from the company vending machine.

Honestly I didn't have a clue what to do, but on a walk around town one afternoon, I popped by my local cleaning supplies wholesaler in Hove, Panama Cleaning Supplies, they sat me down, went through a few options, all my machine options and explained everything from which chemicals to use, how to use them, how to use the machines the right way and taught me everything know today about carpet cleaning.

Fifteen years later we offer a range of carpet cleaning services for the domestic customer to the commercial customer. Using the latest technology available on the market Brighton Carpet Cleaning provides all customers big or small with the same professionalism, courtesy and standard of cleaning.

Our hot water extraction machines and professional chemicals enable us to produce outstanding results. Our services include stain removal, shampoo and hot water extraction, urine treatment, pet odour deodorisation treatments, faecal matter removal & sanitisation treatment, and this year we implemented a rug collection & cleaning service. We collect, clean, dry and return your rug within 72 hours.

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