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Brighton Carpet Cleaning Christmas 2019 Promotion.

Updated: Aug 21, 2023


It's that time of year again! As twinkling lights adorn Brighton & Hove and the festive spirit envelops the town, we look forward to hosting our friends and family. With the festivities come joy, laughter, and sometimes a few accidental spills on the carpet.

This Christmas, Brighton Carpet Cleaning has a special gift for every homeowner who wants their carpets to look as fresh and vibrant as newly fallen snow. We understand that the holiday season can be hectic. Amidst the decorations, gifts, and feasts, you deserve a home that feels inviting and looks pristine.

We are introducing our Christmas 2019 promotion! It is designed for those who appreciate the comfort of professionally cleaned carpets, especially when it's time to entertain. Book our professional carpet cleaning service from now until the 24th of December and enjoy a sparkling 10% discount. Mention the promo code 'CARPET2019' when you make your booking.

What sets Brighton Carpet Cleaning apart? Not only do we bring years of expertise, but our commitment to providing a professional service is unparalleled. We have you covered, whether stubborn stains, everyday dirt, or ensuring your carpet and upholstery exude a fresh scent.

Don't miss out on this festive offer. Remember, a clean carpet is not just about appearance; it's about creating a healthy and welcoming environment for your guests. Terms and conditions apply.

Merry cleaning to all, and all, a bright home!

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